The Hitch Elevator HD

Brand: Hitchrific
Product Code: HRE-12
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The Hitch Elevator HD provides a solution for uneven loads by allowing the height of the ball to be adjusted without unhitching the trailer.

First, the Hitch Elevator HD will accommodate any car, pickup or SUV that uses a standard class III receiver.  It allows adjustability for clearance of lowering pickup tailgates and does not interfere with SUV cargo doors or rear hatches.

Basic height adjustment may be done in seconds using the unique Hitchrific two-piece design.  Fine adjustments up to 6” may be easily done after attaching the trailer to the hitch ball.  This adjustment will allow the trailer and towing vehicle to be properly balanced after they are hitched.  The ability to adjust the height of the ball while fully loaded will accommodate difficult trailering situations such as steep parking spaces, driveways and boat launching ramps.  Hitch Elevator HD will level a trailer or camper to a parking spot without having to unhitch the tow vehicle.

When launching a boat on a steep launching ramp, Hitch Elevator HD can prevent “high-centering” of the boat trailer and insure correct trailer positions for launching.  No other device will permit multiple ball height adjustments without unhitching your trailer.

Hitch Elevator HD is the only hitch you need to handle all towing situations!


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